MeoSys provides industry-leading services that are applicable to a wide range of disciplines. Those would include the following:

Software Engineering Consulting

Our software engineering consultation covers all critical functional areas of software engineering, including:

SDLC Architecture Design Testing Configuration Management

We help the client adopt sound software engineering principles and methodologies into their development efforts, which greatly improves the prospects for project success. We take great care to understand the client's unique business requirements to ensure that the resulting products and processes fully comply with those requirements. We provide expert consultation in areas related to process implementation, methodology adoption, tool usage, and performance optimization. We also conduct a thorough Business Viability Identification (BVI) to identify the objectives that will be most critical for Return on Investment (ROI) performance.

Software Quality/Testing

MeoSys provides end-to-end software quality testing solutions that help ensure the overall functionality, performance, and efficiency of the software. Our total commitment to proven software engineering principles allows us to accurately identify the root cause of any performance issue and to implement an effective corrective action. Our focus on software quality begins with the identification of requirements and extends through final deployment. We take care to capture all explicit (functional) and implicit (performance and non-functional) requirements and implement traceability to all test cases relevant to those requirements. This helps lay the path towards full acceptance by the end user(s). We strive for high levels of automation in order to improve traceability and sustainability. High levels of automation also promote reductions in system costs and improvements in ROI.

Tools Sales/Training

MeoSys's software engineering division has partnered with several industry leaders such as IBM, Mercury, Compuware, and Jaczone in projects involving their respective software engineering tools. We have the expertise that allows us to assist you in the selection of tools that will be most suitable for your specific needs. We will work with you to construct a roadmap for your future automation and integration projects that will be based on your needs and your budget. Our use of classroom sessions, combined with "live" scenarios, allows us to provide outstanding technical training and consultation to our client's development team. This enhances the client's understanding of the tools and processes being used and, therefore, increases the probability for project success.

Application Development and Maintenance

MeoSys provides outstanding application development and maintenance services to a wide base of medium and large size companies. Our success in this area is directly related to our extensive technical experience and expertise. Our experience allows us to take an holistic view of the entire development and maintenance life cycle; including:

Design Development Testing Implementation Maintenance Management

Our strong technical background allows us to leverage all available technologies in a manner that creates real value for our customers and allows them to fully utilize those technologies to attain, and maintain, a competitive advantage. Once application implementation has been completed, MeoSys can effectively manage your entire set of applications. We employ all applicable best practices to ensure that our support is fast and accurate, and that all necessary measures are utilized to provide robust security for all customer data. We have the capability to manage web-based applications as well as legacy mainframe systems.

Our full suite of service offerings in this area includes:

Enterprise solutions RIA application Java application Web-based solutions SOA Software development Helpdesk Maintenance Re-engineering

Business Process Outsourcing (BPO)

MeoSys's proven expertise, tailored solutions, and global reach will allow you to optimize your investments in operational infrastructure. Our industry-specific and shared-services capabilities can help you significantly reduce your operating costs while, at the same time, optimizing your critical business processes. We provide the right solutions, at the right size, and at the right cost. Our BPO services will allow you to:

Reduce operational costs while mitigating risk and maintaining continuity of existing operations Improve the quality of service delivery Standardize critical processes and reduce risk of errors Achieve compliance with industry regulatory requirements Establish an operating model that is both scalable and flexible Improve process efficiencies and increase the value of the enterprise

Our commitment to continuous improvement is evidenced through our robust reporting process, which will provide you with regular status updates that contain actionable information on key business and operational metrics. This can result in significant cost savings which will allow you to reallocate your valuable resources to building and maintaining your competitive advantage and solidifying your bottom-line results.

Our BPO offerings consist of the following services:

Data Management - including data capture, mapping, maintenance, and quality assurance of client records and related processing.
Claims Processing - including data capture, claim intake, claim adjudication, and quality audits for a wide range of claim types.
New Business, Membership and Enrollment - including data capture from new business application, confirmation of requirements, validation of data and performance of rules - based data processing.
Finance, Accounting, and Human Resources Support - including accounts payable, accounts receivable, payment processing, general ledger, candidate screening and much more.