MeoSys provides Documentation Automation Software (DAS) that is easily integrated into any telecom industry environment, including service-oriented architectures (SOA). Our DAS directly accesses structured or unstructured system and data-source content of almost any type. This allows you to create personalized communications while eliminating cumbersome processes associated with the consolidation and reformatting of disparate data.

Our DAS allows you to quickly and easily create and deliver any type of customized communication. This includes developing and streamlining high-volume customer bills and statements as well as automation of general correspondence and welcome kits generated in real time by your customer service representatives. No other document automation solution offers as much flexibility for integration with existing IT environments, including service-oriented architectures. Our DAS excels in high-volume environments and facilitates document design efficiencies that can result in significant savings in postage and paper costs. Total optimization is achieved via utilization of the following capabilities:

Sorting and bundling Consolidation of application Bar-coding Inserter control
Proven advantages of the MeoSys DAS would include:

Highly adaptable to high-volume, on-demand, or interactive environments Proven ability to significantly reduce document development and production costs Ability to significantly increase the speed and accuracy of customer communications Allows delivery of clearer, more relevant communications to help acquire, retain, and grow customer relationships
Our DAS will allow you to completely transform the manner in which you create and control the communications within your organization and with your customers; a vital component of success for any endeavor.