DAS-Public Sector

The MeoSys Document Automation Software (DAS) is an ideal solution for state, local, and federal public sector agencies, as well as for municipalities and educational institutions. Our DAS reduces the costs associated with the design, production, and management of the large volume and variety of documents that are produced on a daily basis. We also improve responsiveness to constituents, including communications produced in the constituent's native language. Our DAS allows the client to create personalized constituent communications and repetitive documents (e.g., notifications, tax documentation, statements, assessments, etc.), regardless of document type, variable content, or delivery channel.

DAS offers maximum flexibility when it comes to integrating with existing IT environments, homegrown applications and legacy systems, including service oriented architectures (SOA). The software can directly access and process input from multiple content sources, eliminating stand alone and one-off systems and redundant processes, which in turn saves you time and development efforts.

Whether operating in a high-volume, on-demand, or interactive environment, the MeoSys DAS provides the following competitive advantages:

Proven ability to reduce document development and production costs by as much as 80% Ability to increase the speed of customer communications by as much as 85% Allows delivery of clearer, more relevant communications to help acquire, retain, and grow customer relationships
Our DAS will allow you to completely transform the manner in which you create and control the communications within your organization; a vital component of success for any endeavor.